“Melkadze still useful “Spartaku”

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While the Russian championship, like most European national Championships, is on hiatus, to talk in our category running “MK” together with the Association of Ukrainian coaches, do not become less. But if you had focused more on tactical issues and discussion of events on the football field, in the current environment to the fore the process of training teams who need to reach peak form in the rush hour, the onset of which is almost impossible to predict. This started our conversation with is known primarily for his work with such bands as “Krasnodar”, “Saturn” and “Anji”, – trainer Sergey Tashuev.

"Melkadze still useful "Spartaku"

Georgy Melkadze. Photo: fc-tambov.ru

— Sergei Aboutadobe as the coaching staff of the clubs of RPL to build the training process, because the exact timing of the resumption of the championship unknown? Left to hold only 8 rounds, so teams need to be in peak physical shape to the first after a pause the match. And when this match will take place — no one knows.

To avoid the overhead in such a situation is almost impossible. No matter how trained or planned for the coaches, what they do, we will only see on the field. Situation, what can we say, extraordinary. Teams have had extended training winter training camps, and now they need to essentially start all over again, be sure while keeping in mind a backup plan.

There are techniques that are designed for 30 days of training, have to 40. Now this, as I see it, will have to go back working on basic training. Easiest in this situation is ending. Quarantine or polyuretan, and I would have put the team under the supervision of the medical staff on the club database, which one would have never went anywhere. The situation of force majeure, with such never faced, so much, of course, will depend on coaching, insight coaching staff, which is necessary to accurately calculate the possible scenarios.

— If very simple, for what term it is possible to bring the team to peak, if she trains on the same base? For some time the coaches will be, it is unlikely that the teams will report tomorrow that the resume matches of RPL. Weeks enough?

— Every coach works differently. When exactly the date of the first leg, will be required to conduct testing of players, which will show in which direction to work in the first place. And then it all depends on the coaching skill and efficiency of players. If the coach has the goal to bring the team to the maximum of its capacity for 3 days, then have to do it at this time. Weeks just enough to prepare the team for a particular match.

— And what about the coaches of the teams whose starting lineups, more than half consisting of loaned players and those who are running out of contract? Sergey Pryadkin said that such players in RPL is more than 240 and, obviously, to agree with each fail, because each has its own story.

President of RPL talked about the fact that the possibility of certain concessions, the extension of the transfer Windows. I have no doubt that our football authorities will do everything possible to minimize the losses from such institutional overlaps that have arisen not on their fault. Need to find a solution that would be beneficial to the clubs and the players.

With the growth of a dollar exchange rate also has problems in terms of renewal of the same lease agreements. Someone pays in foreign currency, “Tambov”, as far as I know, the amount fixed in virtually any. And it requires hard work, so everyone was happy. A similar process in his time happened during my work in “Anji”. The ruble fell sharply in value, and every player personally talked to, picked up the most convenient option for each party.

— Agree with the owner of “Spartak” Leonid Fedun, who offered to put a point in the championship now and to secure teams place in the standings occupied by the end of 22 rounds?

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— I don’t think this is a good option. Of the European championship this summer will not be, you can easily finish the championship, allowing the problems which have already been mentioned. We have the players too much rest. In winter, two months in the summer and a half. Why so much? Play football. Made summer a two-week break and started the next championship. Especially now in the summer on foreign fees, most likely, will not go high in Sochi.

Now football Fans stockouts, and the hike to the stadium will be a good support, they understand that life is getting better and is back to normal.

The end of The championship now will result in significant monetary losses, and the sports principle will be violated. Maybe it’s “Spartacus” is not interesting to play, given the place in the standings, which is red and white. Each, not surprisingly, tries to push the option that is most convenient to him.

— How do you like the idea of extending RPL to 18 teams this summer? Then no one will fly, the sports principle will not be violated and, accordingly, would not be dissatisfied.

In my opinion, missing today and good stadiums, and clubs that are able to meet the requirements of RPL. There are some problems in the same Mordovia, but they can be addressed promptly. 18 teams in the Premier League for Russia is absolutely normal.

— Option to finish the championship without an audience has a right to exist?

— I think it’s wrong. Why bother to play then? When we’re ready to resume the championship and then have to start all together — the players and the fans. And somehow strange to play without spectators, worrying about their safety. And the players on the field isn’t at risk in this case?

Although won in Belarus played well. Lukashenka said: continue the championship next weekend will be held the matches of the second round. In this country a very strong programmers, who have it all figured out.

— Someone from working in RPL colleagues highlight the results of the spring games and who are all 22 rounds?

— At the hearing, “Rostov” Valery Karpin has changed the structure of the team. If earlier the band played the classic football Kurban Berdiyev strictly in defense, now playing in attack, more cheerfully, quickly. Sure, this not only brings results in the form of points, but the audience will like. And all this is done on a pretty tight budget. There are veterans like Eremenko, Popov, Kozlov, but the team runs.

— And who disappointed?

— First of all “Krasnodar”. And you must ask it with the coaching staff. I worked at the club Sergey Galitsky and I know that for the players there is and perhaps even more than is required. Yes, many injured. But, perhaps, in this number of injuries is to blame the coaches and their methods.

The best is the enemy of good? Need conflict?

— Fully admit that to shake up the team and to artificially provoke a conflict. Young boys in perfect conditions, all the free time conducting on the Internet or glamorous parties — not the best fighters. To succeed players have to be hungry in the best sense of the word.

— Your three best players in the spring?

— On the first place of Malcolm, who, finally, played in “Zenit”. It is seen that it is very individually strong player. I should also mention his teammate Yaroslav Rakitskiy, which I remember well from the time of its work in Ukraine, where he played for Shakhtar. And be sure to include the three Georgiy Melkadze, who have got better matured and today is the real leader of the “Tambov”. I believe that this striker, given the level of forwards from Spartak Moscow, will get another chance and will be able to use it in the Moscow club.

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